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57 Seat Coach Hire

57 Seat Coach Hire

Our 57 seat coaches are the largest in our fleet and when you're travelling in a very large group then this is the travelling solution you'll need. The travelling expenses of 57 people can be very high if everybody decided to find their own way to the venue. There's also the problem of organization. Sometimes even a group of between 5 and 10 can be overwhelming if you're the one planning the transportation. The task only gets harder when you're dealing with 57 people, each trying to find their way to where you need them to be at a certain time.

If even half those people use public transport, there is a good chance someone will be late. When you factor in the total cost of everybody making their own travel arrangements, a 57 seat coach hire makes a lot of sense. At Coach Hire Southampton, we offer you a travelling solution that is everything you'd want in a bus and then some.We won't just ensure that you have all the people in your group where you need them in time. We will ensure that they travel in a very comfortable setting so everybody arrives when they are relaxed and ready for the planned activities.

A comfortable traveling experience is very important especially if you're covering very long distances. Travelling in a coach with limited space and hard seats will make for very grumpy people once you arrive. This is why we spare no effort in making our coaches more comfortable. The coaches are very spacious and provide ample room for stretching even for the taller people. The seats are made from luxurious materials and can also recline which makes them perfect in case the trip is very long and somebody feels like sleeping through it.

Safety First

Safety is obviously important when you have 57 people travelling in one vehicle. Even a short trip can present many challenges and it is important to prepare for such eventualities. For starters, we keep our coaches in the best possible mechanical shape. The vehicles' systems are thoroughly assessed after every trip. Using a combination of modern diagnostic systems and experienced personnel, we are able to detect any minor issues in the vehicles primary systems. In case a problem is detected, our policy dictates that the problem must be dealt with before another client hires the same vehicle.

Our other safety systems in our coaches are designed to keep the passengers safe in case of any incident. This means that our vehicles are fitted with state-of-the-art airbags and seatbelts to ensure the possible risk during any incident is reduced. Modern tracking systems are a standard part of the vehicles used in our 57 Seat Coach Hire just as they are in other vehicles in our fleet. Keeping track of the coach enables us to know what routes are being used and redirect you in case the road ahead seems likely to present a challenge. Also, in case of an accident or incident, trackers enable us to know where to find you.

Quality Customer Care

At Coach Hire Southampton, our customers' needs come before all else. Our staff are trained on how to ensure the individual customer's experience is everything they'd wish for. This means that you can expect a courteous and professional driver who'll know where you need to go and how to get there. You can also expect that when you call our customer service people, they'll respond to any query or request appropriately. Our customer service people can be reached at any time during the day or night. If you need to book a coach today, give us a call right now.