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35 Seat Coach Hire and 36 seat Coach Hire

35 Seat Coach Hire and 36 seat Coach Hire

A 35 Seat Coach Hire and 36 Seat Coach Hire is the ideal traveling solution for a mid-sized group looking for an efficient way of travelling around a city like Southampton. We have these kinds of coaches in our fleet and they have been made to provide a luxurious traveling experience you're not likely to find anywhere else in the city. At Coach Hire Southampton, we get to deal with customers with diverse needs and this means we have to be in a position to fulfil different needs. With our 35 Seat Coach Hire and 36 Seat Coach Hire we are able to handle more passengers than conventional solutions such as minibuses.

People have different demands when they want to travel. Some people only want the basics, a comfortable seat and a safe trip, while others want a fun filled atmosphere with friends and family where they can have lots of fun. With our 35 Seat Coach Hire and 36 Seat Coach Hire we can present to you whichever option you prefer although for special requests the booking has to be done early enough to give us enough time to make the necessary adjustments. This wealth of choice is what enables us to have a diverse range of clients ranging from schools and universities to corporates and families. We can even make special arrangements for clients with special needs. Thanks to the size of our fleet here at Coach Hire Southampton and the individual coaches, we are able to handle even large groups of people.

We also handle some groups who are taking trips requiring more than one stop. In such situations you'll find our drivers to be quite accommodating. So whether you're dropping of a few people before heading off somewhere or just moving from one fun spot to another, our drivers will be quite accommodating. Sports teams also travel in relatively large groups sometimes which is why our 35 Seat Coach Hire and 36 Seat Coach Hire is also popular with certain schools and universities. For people going to a sports tournament, it's important to travel comfortably so they can arrive in excellent physical shape. The comforts available in our coaches definitely suit these demands.

Apart from the standard features, you can also get to enjoy extra features in our coaches such as entertainment systems that will play the right kind of music for you. Whether you need something upbeat to keep your sports team pumped up or something more down tempo so you team of corporate employees can relax before a big meeting, we've got you covered. You can also make arrangements to have refreshments on board during the trip. These can be especially important if you're planning a long trip and want to avoid long unplanned breaks.

Quality Drivers

Our 35 Seat Coach Hire and 36 Seat Coach Hire also comes with drivers who are highly qualified and experienced in handling such vehicles. Our drivers are recruited using a rigorous process and those who make it through are taken through further training. The extra training ensures, among other things, that our drivers know how to relate to our clients so they can contribute to a positive trip.

Our drivers are also screened and we ensure that we avoid any persons who, due to past experiences, may pose a risk to our clients at any point during the trip. At Coach Hire Southampton, the safety of our clients is the most important thing at any time. Get in touch with us today if you wish to make a booking or enquire about what else we have to offer you in Southampton.