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53-Seater Coach Hire

53-Seater Coach Hire

Travelling as a group of more than 50 creates a few problems. For starters, such a large group can hardly travel using the same vehicle. Secondly, if all these people were in one vehicle, it would be hard for anyone to be comfortable. Lastly, if all the people in the group are supposed to find their own way to the destination, it could be a very costly affair. Coach Hire Southampton now presents an easy solution to this type of problem. Our 53 seat coach hire, has enough space for people in such large groups and the vehicles are designed to ensure the passengers are always comfortable.

Spacious Design

The only way to comfortably fit more than 50 people in a vehicle plus their luggage is if this is the plan from the beginning. Coach hire Southampton gets its coaches from some of the best vehicle manufacturers in the world. The designs of the vehicles is agreed upon before the vehicles are delivered to us. This means that we receive coaches that are designed specifically for the number of people we intend to transport. Key features you'll find in the design include:

  • Strong chassis to support the weight of the people plus their luggage
  • Roomy body to ensure there's enough space inside for the passengers
  • Large space for storage of luggage
  • Proper spacing of seats so passengers have enough leg room
Thanks to such forethought, our 53 Seat Coach Hire has proven to be not just able to handle the numbers in such large groups but also able to provide a comfortable space for the passengers.

Comfortable Interiors

Apart from providing adequate space in our coaches, at Coach Hire Southampton, we put in many upgrades to ensure that the inside of our coaches provide a space that our clients will be able to properly relax in while travelling. The vehicles in our 53 Seat Coach Hire fleet have air conditioning and this type of climate control makes travelling a great experience in any weather. The seats in the coach are made from luxurious materials such as leather. This gives them a classy look and a comfortable feel which is ideal since many of our clients are used to a certain kind of luxury whether they are in an office somewhere or travelling. There are various entertainment systems that you can have in your bus as long as you make your booking early enough and you can even have special lighting fitted in your preferred coach.

Travelling the right way

Travelling is not just about getting from one point to another. There are certain things that you must demand when you're looking for a 53 Seat Coach Hire service. Having a seat that is comfortable, having enough room to stretch your legs and not having to leave anything behind there is no room for the luggage are all things you should expect as a bare minimum. For these quality features and services, call Coach Hire Southampton today to book your coach.