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17 Seater Minibus Hire Southampton And 18 Seat Minibus Hire

17 Seater Minibus Hire Southampton And 18 Seat Minibus Hire

Travelling in a large group whether to a social event such as a wedding or a corporate event is a great time for people to bond and reconnect. Our minibuses are designed to help bring out the joy of travelling in groups to help in making a more memorable journey. To enjoy our services all you need to do is book your minibus at least 12 hours beforehand and you'll be sorted. The vehicles are designed to have plenty of space for both the luggage and the passengers.

The inside of our buses are excellently designed to improve the experience of the passengers. We source our vehicles from top manufacturers including Nissan, Hino and others and we ensure our 17 and 18-seater minibuses come with excellent suspension systems that make the ride much smoother. Many of our clients have noted that you can barely feel the bumps when driving through Southampton in our 18-seater minibus. Our customers can always look forward to a great ride when they choose our 17-Seater Minibus Hire Southampton and 18 Seat Minibus Hire.

Interior Décor and other Systems

We always try to make every moment that clients spend inside our minibuses in Southampton special which is why our interiors are fitted with luxurious leather and clothing and also feature excellent designs. The interiors are also regularly switched up depending on what's new in the interior décor. If you need a little extra leg room, you're in luck since our minibuses have lots of room available and the seats are also adjustable just to make things even more comfy. All that remains is for the driver to play your kind of music and you'll be in for a most relaxing ride.

If you have an internet enable device i.e. smart phone, tablet or laptop, you can make use of the wireless internet system available in our buses whether you need to talk to friends on social media or communicate with people back in the office. This can also be quite useful if you need to do some last minute research for an upcoming presentation. Additionally, you'll be doing all these in the comfort of a space that is wonderfully air-conditioned. If you wish to find out what other features you'll find in our minibuses, get in touch with us today.

Other Systems and Upgrades inside

We have done a lot of research into determining how best our 17 seater minibus hire Southampton and 18 seat minibus hire can improve the experience of clients on board. We have worked together with the vehicle manufacturers to see how we can get vehicle designs that offer just what our customers need. The location of the engine at the front makes it easy for it to haul the weight of the passengers plus their luggage which is why we can take on more luggage.

To ensure the driver is able to concentrate on his duties, the driver compartment is in a secured cubicle section. Power steering and other enhancements makes control of the vehicle much easier. To be accepted as a driver for our buses, one is required to have a great deal of integrity in addition to having the necessary experience and qualifications. This helps us to ensure that our customers are always in safe hands when we hand them over to our drivers.

We aim to ensure that our vehicles are always in a good state of repair. They are fitted with diagnostic tools that help us to know quickly when something is wrong even from our office. This allows us to advise you accordingly during your trip. To make a booking or get more information, call us today.